2020-2021 PCMS PTSA Board of Directors


Position Name Email Contact
President Tracie Jones PacificCascadePTSA@yahoo.com 
Secretary Katie Brown Kathryn_Mary_Brown@yahoo.com
Treasurer Amanda Rench AJRench@comcast.net
VP of Programs & Events Minal Desai-Monga Minal.Desai@gmail.com
VP of Volunteers Lisa Small LisaOgami@hotmail.com
ASB Liaisons Kim Clarke KimCarn@kpaclarke.org 
ASB Liaisons Natasha de los Reyes Natasha@netlinxtech.com
ASB Liaisons Eloisa Tang Tanges1373@gmail.com
Communications Director Carrie Hipsher CarrieHipsher@hotmail.com
Communications Director Melissa Stefani Melissa.B.Cohen@gmail.com
Fundraising Director Kim Clarke KimCarn@kpaclarke.org 
Fundraising Director Natasha de los Reyes Natasha@netlinxtech.com
Fundraising Director Eloisa Tang Tanges1373@gmail.com
Membership Director Jenny Juang JenJuang@gmail.com
Membership Chair Lindsey Pinkston Lindsey8@gmail.com
Outreach Director Tracy Drake  ATHA.Drake@gmail.com
Outreach Director Becky Foster BFoster@gmail.com
FACE Co-Chair Joana Figueiredo JRTFigueiredo@yahoo.com
ISF Ambassador  Ali Mills AliMills@windermere.com 
Advocacy Director Open PacificCascadePTSA@yahoo.com
Parent Ed Director Open PacificCascadePTSA@yahoo.com


Expanded PCMS PTSA BOD Roster and Committee Chairs 2020-21