2022-2023 PCMS PTSA Board of Directors


Position Name Email Contact
President Stephanie Shipley

stephshipley@outlook.com PacificCascadePTSA@yahoo.com 

Secretary Heidi Kirchoff heidikirchoff@hotmail.com
Treasurer Shilpa Schuettenhelm sschuettenhelm@gmail.com
VP of Programs & Events Kym Clayton charlieandkym@comcast.net
VP of Campus Support Co-Chairs

Amanda Rench

Emily Loney



Communications Director OPEN PacificCascadePTSA@yahoo.com
Fundraising Director Lindsey Pinkston lindsey8@gmail.com
Membership Director Melynda Cook melyndacook@yahoo.com
Outreach Director Lily Jong lily@mumail.net
FACE Joana Figueirdeo jrtfigueiredo@yahoo.com
ISF Ambassador  Katie Brown kathryn_mary_brown@yahoo.com
ASB/Lynx Life Liaison Morgan Dye morganmdye@yahoo.com
Advocacy Director OPEN PacificCascadePTSA@yahoo.com


Expanded PCMS PTSA BOD Roster and Committee Chairs 2022-23