Lunchtime Walkabout Program
We are seeking volunteers for the Lunchtime Walkabout Program.  It is so important that our kids have the opportunity to get outside at lunchtime for some fresh air.  This can’t be possible without a few parents helping during lunchtime.  Your job is to provide more eyes, ears and mostly smiles for the kids.  The students love having you there and it’s a great way to watch your kids interact with their friends.  It’s not a big time commitment.  Sign up with a friend, grab a coffee and come hang out at the school together for a short 30 minutes.  Please consider signing up over the next few months.   

Dads, the kids love to see you on Fridays!  Come shoot some hoops or throw a football.  We would love to have you too!

You can sign up using the below links.  You can even specify which lunch period you would like to sign up for to ensure you are there during your child’s lunch.

Lunch Time Volunteer Sign Ups

It is important that your volunteer application is completed and approved before your volunteer at the school.  

Issaquah School District Volunteers


If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Small at