2017-2018 PTSA Board Members
2017-2018 Roster of board and committee chairs

Position Name Email
Co-Presidents Alisa George ageorge@ihmail.com
Nicole Garcia nicole@G12COM.com 
Treasurer Tracy Drake atha.drake@gmail.com 
Secretary Susan Hansen jshansenfamily@gmail.com 
VP of Fundraising Carolyn Kennedy carolynk2@hotmail.com 
VP of Programs OPEN   
Volunteer Director Lisa Small lisaogami@hotmail.com
Communications Director Sheila Barlow sheila.barlow@outlook.com 
Events Director OPEN  
Membership Director Lisa Chamberlain chamberlain33@hotmail.com 
Outreach Director Marie Hardy mtaylor47@hotmail.com
Cami Blumenthal camlynnrb@yahoo.com 
ASB/Lynx Life Liaison OPEN  
Parent Education Director Kekoa Lwin     Lynette Lwin kekoamichaellwin@gmail.com 
Advocacy Director Lisa Callan lisa.w.callan@gmail.com
Issaquah Schools Foundation Ambassador Carolyn Kennedy carolynk2@hotmail.com