Why Does The PTA Conduct Fundraising Activities?

Our PTSA is an independent non-profit organization with a mission to enhance and support the educational programs and environment at Pacific Cascade Middle School. Only a small portion of the PTSA's income comes from PTSA membership dues paid each year.  To provide the support to our school and children, to make certain programs possible, and to bridge the gap between public funds and actual expenses, WE NEED TO RAISE MONEY.  


Where Does My Donation Money Go?

Just last year, Pacific Cascade PTSA funded over $22,000 in Curriculum Enrichment Grants for Math, Science, Literacy and Arts support as well as programs, 8th grade promotion, Lynx Days, Online Directory and Reflections that benefit ALL our students. Things like Green Team School Garden, study.com subscription, Museum of Flight  field trip, tall desks and chairs, Privacy Partitions for testing would not exist without PTA fundraising.   


How Can I Make a Donation?

Making a donation is easier than ever!   Simply CLICK HERE.

Work for an employer who provides matching charitable donations?  Please let our treasurer know to ensure that Pacific Cascade PTSA benefits from your corporate matching program.  Pacific Cascade PTSA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization so you can even include your membership and donation in your taxes! 


What Fundraisers Can I Expect This Year?

Each year Pacific Cascade PTSA depends mostly on our Pass the Hat fundraiser. This means we won't have a huge walk-a-thon or a big auction, we just ask you to donate whatever amount you are comfortable with.