For 50 years, the National PTA's Reflections Program has helped students explore, create, value, develop, and find their true talents. We applaud and congratulate all 24 PCMS students who submitted artwork and for their creativity in the arts.

The following 12x students will move forward to our district level of competition in January 2020.


 Visual Arts - 2D

Advika Balaji

Arya Joshi

Leah Kwak

Arshia Mohapatra

Megha Narra

Sophia Wei

Ethan Lee



Angelina Pimkina

Akshadha Seshamani


Film Production

Toko Ryu



Arshia Fateh

Akshadha Seshamani

Outstanding Interpretation of this year's theme, "Look Within" is awarded:  Arya Joshi

Award of Excellence for Creativity is awarded: Arshia Mohapatra

Award of Merit based on Technique, a level of excellence in a particular art form, awarded: Sophia Wei


Again, congratulations Artists! Good luck at District!