Each year, PCMS PTSA awards grant money to teachers and staff curriculum enrichment and student educational support. The PTSA holds two grant cycles per year, typically approving requests October and April, during PCMS PTSA general membership meetings. These grants are made possible through generous family donations, and our annual “Pass the Hat” fundraiser. Thank you to all who donated, supporting our enthusiastic teachers and staff, and benefiting our students' learning experience while at PCMS.

How to apply for grants? Complete the GRANT APPLICATION FORM, obtain appropriate signatures within department and school, then forward completed document to PCMS PTSA Grants Chair, Shilpa Schuettenhelm. Grant requests are open to everyone within our PCMS community.

How are grants selected? The Grant Committee reviews applications, evaluating on multiple criteria, including specificity, merit, impact, costs, and need. With due diligence, the Grant Committee and Chair provide a detailed summary of all applications, making recommendations to the PTSA Board of Directors. Then, the Grants Chair brings forth the joint recommendation to the PTSA General Membership for vote.

For more information, questions, submissions, contact PCMS PTSA Grants Chair, Shilpa Schuettenhelm.


PCMS PTSA Annual Grants Timeline: 

  Typical Grant Cycle:               Due Date:     
  Fall September 29th, 2023
  Spring February/March

Approved PCMS PTSA Funded Grants:   $57,968.72

2022-23 PCMS PTSA Grants Curricular Support Total: approx $7,250
Gizmos online subscription Science  
Reading Prizes Library/Reading  
Living Voices Historical Theater Social Studies  
Pencil Sharpeners & Calculators Math  
Calm room & Makerspace Supplies Counseling  
Board Games Lynx Life  
Planting Project Science  
Hummingbird Duo Sensors Inventors Lab/Science  
Cameras Yearbook  
Fish & Supplies Science  
Microphones Drama  


2020-21 PCMS PTSA Grants Curricular Support Total: $4,003.97
"GIZMOS" On-line Subscription Science  
New and Upgraded Library Supplies Library  
"Living Voices" Visual Performance History  
Audio-Visual Engineer Choir  
Reading Bingo Program Support Library  
XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro Math  
Laptop Stylus Equipment Math  
2019-20 PCMS PTSA Grants Curricular Support Total:  $6,727
"Living Voices" Visual Performance History  
Museum of Flight - Night Sky Science  
Portable music stands
Library reading nook Library  
"Gobbling up Great Books" Prizes 
Career Fair School-wide
2018-19 PCMS PTSA Grants
Curricular Support
Total:  $9,200
MOHAI Trunk Kits History  
Museum of Flight - Night Sky Science  
Hanayama Puzzles Science  
9 RC Drones/4 Spare Part Sets Robotics  
Bookopoly Prizes Library  
Choir Accompanist Choir  
“Living Voices” Visual History History
Study.com Subscriptions School-wide
Privacy Testing and Work Shields School-wide
ALA Conference & Training Library  
Circuit Explore Air 2 Robotics  
Green Team Garden School-wide
Tall Desks and Chairs Science  
2018-19 PCMS PTSA Grants Curricular Support Total: $16,875.75
Drum Pads Band  
Principles of Flight Elective Course   
Density Measurement Sets Science  
Hummingbird Robotics Kit Robotics  
Tall Desks and Chairs Science  
New Classroom Stools Science
Stools Tech Classrooms Technology  
Study.com Subscriptions History  
Camera and Tripod
Innovator's Mindset Workbooks
Privacy Test &Work Desk Shields
Supplemental Reading Books
Jr. Scholastic Current Events 
Living Voices Visual Performance
2017-18 PCMS PTSA Grant Funding Curriculum Support Total: $13,912
Museum of Flight Field Trip Science
MLK Day Assembly and Speaker School-wide  
Canvas Prints Photography  
Robotics Molecular Module Kits  Robotics  
Scholastic Math Magazine Math  
Upgraded Video Tech & Components Science  
Inventors Lab Workbooks Science  
Study.com Subscriptions History  
Study.com Subscription Spanish
Supplemental Reading Books Health