Pacific Cascade Middle School
ASB and PTSA - What is the difference?

 The ASB stands for the Associated Student Body. These are all the students of Pacific Cascade Middle School who make the decisions for the school as to what clubs they want, how many socials they can afford, what sorts of contests they want to run, and what kinds of humanitarian projects they want to tackle. ASB also encompasses the sports and drama production. They must earn their own money and there are strict guidelines as to how they may spend it.

The PTSA takes on a supportive role at the middle school level. We still provide some of the programs you're used to seeing such as Reflections. We look for ways to partner with the ASB to give them leadership opportunities, but also just help fill in where needed, such as with humanitarian projects and Staff Appreciation. Another important function of the PTSA is providing scholarship money and grant money which is all spent on educational needs for Pacific Cascade. We also, of course, provide the volunteers for chaperoning, tutoring, and other activities throughout the year.




What is it?

Parent Teacher Student Association; an organization of parents, staff, and students who elect to join the PTSA. Provides enrichment and support to PCMS and a liaison for parents with School District and State PTSA.

Associated Student Body; comprised of all the students who purchase an ID card in the fall; students vote on representatives who govern the group.

What activities do they sponsor?

Enrichment programs such as Reflections and parent education, fund teacher grants, support school activities through volunteers and staff appreciation.

Sports and after-school clubs, cocurricular activities, field trips.

Who plans and carries out activities?

Elected PTSA officers and the general membership

The Leadership club and voted representatives are the organizers for all events and programs.


Pass-the-Hat, eScrip

The ASB asked for a donation from each family in lieu of doing a magazine drive or other fundraiser.  The vending machines provide a small amount of revenue, and PTSA donates a portion of concessions earnings.

How can parents get involved?

Join the PTSA and become active! Volunteer to chair a committee or help with a program or event.  Volunteer opportunities here.

Learn about ASB to help your student know what is available to them. Donate to the ASB to help provide transportation to clubs, sports activities, and socials. Volunteer to assist at ASB events.